OBC non-creamy layer Vs OBC creamy layer And OBC non-creamy layer Income Limit, Eligibility & Certificate format

OBC non-creamy layer Vs OBC creamy layer And OBC non-creamy layer Income Limit, Eligibility & Certificate format

Non-Creamy Layer Certificate :

Non-Creamy Layer Certificate is also known as Other Backward Class Certificate, was introduced by former Prime Minister V.P.Singh in 1993. With the implementation of this certificate, a part of jobs was allocated in Central Government and Public Sectors for persons holding the certificate. the procedure for obtaining Non-Creamy Layer Certificate differs from State to State.

OBC non-creamy layer Vs OBC creamy layer | OBC non-creamy layer Income limit: India is a country where people are segregated with different religious and castes. Caste system was very much prevalent during the precolonial rule. In this article we have talked about the OBC category in India. Read below, difference between OBC- Non creamy layer and OBC-Creamy layer, how to apply for OBC certificate and OBC non-creamy layer eligibility criteria with income limit, document required and online/offline process.

What is full form of OBC ?

Full form of OBC is Other Backward class. It is a term that is used collectively by the government of India to identify or to classify castes which are educationally or socially deprived or disadvantaged. Other Backward class is an official classification done by the government. Other classification consists of Scheduled Casts (SC) and Scheduled tribes.Though Schedule class and Schedule tribes too avail the advantages presented to them by the government.Other Backward Class Category is divided into categories namely creamy layer OBC and non-creamy layer OBC by the government of India.

Difference between OBC-Creamy layer and OBC-Non creamy layer

OBC-Creamy layer :

☛ Income: Above 8 Lakh
☛ Family Income: Above 8 lakh when added together (Income from farming not to be included)
☛ Treated as equivalent to general category hence get few or no benefit in government scheme and examination.

OBC-Non Creamy layer :

☛ Income : Below 8 Lakh
☛ Family Income : Below 8 lakh When total of all family member income (Income from any farming sources are not included)
☛ Get Benefit in government released scheme and competitive examination.
OBC Non Creamy Layer

If a total family income is less than 8 lakh per annum limit, the family is considered to be in non-creamy OBC category. That very family will be getting a certificate of OBC non-creamy layer. The person belonging to the non-creamy OBC category will be enjoying all the benefits and will be getting the relaxation of age in competitive exams as well.

If anyone falls under the category of non-creamy OBC category, they will be getting reservations while applying for government jobs or government posts. However, to avail all these benefits, they will have to obtain a certificate that is called an OBC certificate. The certificate is valid in every state of India expect for Tamil Nadu. Validity of a certificate is one year.

OBC Non-creamy layer Eligibility

Non-creamy layers have a certain eligibility criteria to ensure that a right and deserved candidate gets the certificate. Here are some points, which are looked upon while categorizing the people if they fall into the category of OBC non-creamy layer, or not.

OBC Non-Creamy Layer Income Limit

Income of Person and Family Combined : A person can apply for an OBC certificate only if the annual income of the family is less than rupees eight lakhs per annum. If it were more than the given figure,they would not be getting the non-creamy layer certificate. (Income from agriculture/farming is not included in this)

Parents employment under central government : If a persons wither of the parents , is a part of central government or is working under Group C and Group D category under the central government, the person is eligible to apply for the non-creamy layer OBC Certificate.

Employee under central government : If a person himself or herself is a part of central government or is working under central government's group B category , then that every person is eligible to apply for an OBC non creamy layer certificate. It is to be noted that is valid only if the person's parents do not receive any income like that of pensions.

Husband employed under central government : I f a women's husband is employed under the Central Government, then that very women would be eligible to apply for the certificate provided that her parents do not receive any kind of Income.

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