IBPS SO Salary Job Profile 2019 Specialist Officer Pay Structure With Allowances, Career Guide

IBPS SO Salary 2019 Pay Structure With Allowance, DA, HRA, Salary Cash in Hand


IBPS SO Salary: Wondering what might be the salary and job profile of various posts of IBPS SO 2019-20 As we know, IBPS fills six positions though IBPS SO Recruitment exam, and these are Agriculture Field Officer, Marketing Officer, IT Officer, Law Officer, HR/ personnel Officer and Rajbhasha Adhikari. Many Candidates often come up with questions related to the job profile and salary structure of these IBPS SO posts, and in this article, we are going to give you complete details about it.

The post of the specialist officer is regarded as one of the highly prestigious posts. Every Year lakh of candidates appear for the exams. The posts of the specialist officer have a challenging work profile and career growth and salary.

What is the Salary of IBPS SO Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Department conducts Specialist Officer exam IBPS SO 2019 every year for various Scale I and Scale II posts.

Most of the participants who are starting their Preparation of IBPS SO Exam unaware of the latest IBPS Specialist Officer salary and perks.

IBPS SO Salary Structure in Detail

IBPS Recruitment Guide www.only4job.com brings you the latest information for IBPS Exam 2019. All aspirants will be selected for Scale I and Scale II posts and will be undergo training, workshops, assessments to improve their skills and be eligibility for promotions.

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IBPS SO Salary 2019-Scale Level Of Posts

Now you must be thinking while going through this table that what is this officer scale 1 and scale 2. Well, we want to tell you here that there are certain grades/scales in specialist officer which means that officer scale-1 is the junior post whereas officer scale-2 is the senior post. 

It is because of this the former is known as Junior Management Position and later is known as Middle management Position.
S. No. Name Of Posts Scale Level
1. IT Officer Scale I
2. Agriculture Field Officer Scale I
3. Rajbhasha Adhikari Scale I
4. IBPS Law Officer Scale I
5. HR/Personnel Officer Scale I
6. Marketing Officer Scale I
7. IT Officer Scale II
8. Law Officer Scale II
9. Chartered Accountant Scale II

To reach middle management position from the Junior posting, one has to work hand, effectively and efficiently to get promoted.

IBPS SO Basic Salary 2019

As per the last revision of 10th Bipartite Settlement, in May 2015 the salary structure of Specialist officer designation is settled as..
Post  Basic Pay
Officer Scale I 23700-980(7)-30560-1145(2)-32850-1310(7)-42020.
Officer Scale II 31705-1145(1)-32850-1310(10)-45950.
Officer Scale III 42020-1310(5)-48570-1460(2)-51490.
Going little further, if age limitation s concerned then for Scale-1 officers, the candidates of 20-30 age can apply for the job while the maximum age limit of Scale-2 officers is 35 years. where scale 2 officers require an experience of minimum 2 years (except for CA where no experience is required), scale-1 officers requires just a degree from a recognized university.

Basic salary is 23700 and you will get around 33000-35000 in hand after all the additions and deductions. Gross salary would be around 38-39k excluding allowances.
IBPS IT Officer Salary
IBPS Agricultural Fiend Officer Salary 
IBPS HR Officer Salary
IBPS Law Officer Salary
IBPS Marketing Officer Salary
IBPS Rajbhasha Adhikari Salary

IBPS Specialist Officer Salary Allowances Benefits

1. Dearness Allowances (DA) - Wherever you live with whatever facility, the bank provides you the facility to pay all your cost of living on its own responsibility.it is the cost of living adjustment out of your basic salary, aimed at hedging the impact of inflation. for bank specialist officers it is INR 8605.88.

2. Basic Pay - It is the amount of salary paid to the bank employees excluding any extra payments such as allowances and bonuses. for bank SO, it is INR 23700, with effect from June 01, 2015

3. HRA - This is known as House Rent Allowances which means that the employee will get the house accommodation expenses on behalf of banks, depending on their city of residence. Bank has allowed 9% or 8% or 7% HRA, depending upon the place of the position of an employee. 

4. CCA - City compensatory allowance is a fully taxable component of salary which is given to the employees to compensate them for working in big metropolitan cities so that to help them living in high standard. It is the fixed amount rather than calculated on basic pay. CCA for bank SO is generally 4%, 3% or 0%, depending on the place of position.

5. Special Allowances - Special allowances are given to only Scale-1 officers (7.75%) Scale-2 is exempted from this advantage are the performance-based bonus or incentives given to employees depending upon their quality performance.

6. Perquisites - It is the profit or benefit provided to employees in addition to their regular salary. It includes newspaper/laundry allowances, medical coverage, Travel allowances, conveyance, house and furniture allowance and total 4130 is calculated to be given.

7. Least Accommodation is up to Rs 29500, this is provided in lieu of HRA.

Other benefits:

Specialist Officers face less frequent transfers as compared to general bankers. Bank jobs are usually secure. There is no risk of you losing your job. Specialist Officer enjoy the same promotions, benefits, and perks enjoyed by general bankers. Working as a Specialist Officer in banks also increases your knowledge of finance and economy which will help you plan your finances better.

8. Documents required for IBPS SO Interview

IBPS SO Basic Salary Basic pay is the same irrespective of the city of appointment. It is INR 23700 that is from June 1,
HRA This is paid @ 9.0% or 8.0% or 7.0% depending on the place of posting
DA As per the latest CPI released by the gov. the DA amount is INR 8605.88.
Special Allowance For Scale I it is paid @ rate of 7.75%
Perks Conveyance, Newspapers, Entertainment allowance, House & Furniture Maintenance etc. 4,130
Least Accommodation Least Accommodation is up to Rs 29500, this is provided in lieu of HRA
CCA This is paid @ 4%, 3% or 0% depending on the place of posting

Name of Posts Approximate Emoluments per Month inclusive DA and HRA at Current Rate (At present, the total starting emoluments are approximate)
Office Scale III Rs. 64600/- per month inclusive of DA and HRA at the current rate.
Officer Scale-II Rs. 48800/- per month inclusive of DA and HRA at the current rate.
Officer Scale I 36400/- per month inclusive of DA and HRA at the current rate.

IBPS Specialist Officer Revised Salary after 7th Commission 

Government Bank Employees to get the best Salary from 2019. The compensation of India finaciers (bankers) to expand by 2019. Indeed, even as we all know that Seventh Pay Commission is good to go to execute and with that the difference between Govt representative compensation and financiers will be considerably more profound.

This news about the expansion of investors pay was begun after Dept. of Financial Services Services issued notification for Next compensation (Wage Ravision) correction out in the open segment banks (Public sector banks) on 12.01.2017 then well watch How much salary of IBPS Specialist officer in the bank  

IBPS SO Salary after revision - Salary of Government workers has been increased up to 40% after 7th Pay Commission. You may check out the given table to know the increment in metro Cities Capital and District Level, and Rural Areas.

Assets Metro Cities (State Capital etc.) (District Level and Rural Areas)
Basic Pay Rs. 14500/- Rs. 14500/- Rs. 14500/-
Dearness Allowance Rs. 14485.5/- Rs. 14485.5/- Rs. 14485.5/-
CCA Rs. 540/- Rs. 375/-
Total Salary (Excluding HRA) Rs. 29525.5/- Rs. 29360.5/- Rs. 28985.5/-
HRA Rs. 1232.50/- Rs. 1087.50/- Rs. 942.50/-
Total Salary (including HRA Rs. 30758/- Rs. 30448/- Rs. 29927.5/-

IBPS SO Salary Increment plus Promotions and career Growth

After passing the selection process of IBPS Specialist officer all rounds you will get a fruitful Career in public sector banks. Firstly you will be under training for some time and get the experience of Officers task. While during time spent you will get plenty of opportunities to a bank to get promoted and reach the senior post. 

The Scope of Promotion: - Every your thousands of vacancies are coming for various category Officers in PSBs. According to your work ability and experience, you will be promoted to higher level posts. Check below list for the path of Scale I to Scale 7. Behalf of performance your chances is so high to promote on a senior level post and get other plenty of opportunities within a year.

Junior Management - Scale I - Officer / Assistant Manager
Junior Management - Scale 2 - Manager 
Middle Management - Scale 3 - Senior Manager 
Senior Management - Scale 4 - Chief Manager 
Senior Management - Scale 5 - Asst. General Manager 
Top Management - Scale 6 - Deputy General Manager 
Top Management - Scale 7 - General Manager.

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