IBPS CLERK Study Plan Most Important Topics for 2019-20 Exam | IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips 2019 Easy Subject Wise Plan

IBPS CLREK Study Plan section wise Preparation Tips & More | IBPS Clerk Preparation 2019-20 Books pattern and Tips and Tricks 


IBPS CLERK is going in full swing Candidates appearing for IBPS CLERK 2019 or the IBPS Clerical Cadre Clerks-VI Recruitment are studying for the exam must know the preparation strategies for the IBPS CLERK 2019 exam, Aspirants who are planning to take the IBPS CLERK 2019 exam can go through this article to know the IBPS Clerk 2019 Preparation tips. From this page, you can get IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern, Know the the best books to prepare for IBPS Clerk, and useful tips for IBPS Clerk Preparation prelims, Main and interview.

What is IBPS Clerks preparation plan

It Means to cover all the things for an exam in a very well structured manner so that no topic is left uncovered and the main points which could help candidates should be noted down Prepare Means ready. Here we discuss the latest tips for ibps clerk exam.

How to Prepare For IBPS Clerk Prelims and Mains Exam

The road map to success OR How to start preparation for bank clerk exam can be best navigated by the aspirants with the help of good directions and could only be guided to the candidate once they have complete planned details with complete knowledge and other ibps bank clerk tips and tactics as well.

What is IBPS Clerk Exam

The IBPS Clerk exam is as Online examination which is conducted in two phases. The first phase is the ibps clerk preliminary exam and the second phase is ibps clerk  mains examination.

The IBPS has published an exam notification for the post of IBPS Clerks for the years 2019. The candidates need to clerk both the phases of the test and then only the selection will take palce.

There are cutoff decided by the conducting body which is very necessary in order to qualify. The tests in both the exams will be available bilingually in English and Hindi except for the English language section.

The concept of negative marking in ibps clerk is applicable in all the sections. But there would be no penalty for unanswered questions. The scores would be normalized in order to equate the difficulty level of the paper in different slots. Now focus on  preparation for clerk job.

The candidates need to score the sectional and overall cutoffs in both the phases of the examination but only marks for mains would be considered for final merit list. The final score would be score would be scaled to a maximum of 100 marks.

What is the Prepare For IBPS Clerk Exam

The preliminary exam is the fist phase of the IBPS Clerk Examination 2019. The preliminary examination is divided into three sections that are English, quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability and the time limit would be one hour. 
Sr.NO Test Name Qns MarksDuration
1  Reasoning
Ability Paper
35 3520 Min 
Ability Paper
35 3520 Min
3 English
Language Pepar
30 3020 Min
- Total 100 100-

The description of these sections along with marks and number of questions would help a candidate to understand the exam pattern. The total number of questions comprising this phase are 30+35+35=100 and the total marks allotted for this phase are 30+35+35=100 Marks.

The adequate number of candidates would be shortlisted for the Mains Examination. So Prepare very well and also the marking scheme would have the negative marking as well wherein 0.25 marks would be deducted for every  incorrect answer.

 Phase 2 Mains Examination

The mains examination would be divided into 4 sections and this exam would be conducted in online mode only. The four sections are Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude, General English, Quantitative aptitude, General Financial awareness. 

The Total Marks for this examination would be 50+40+60+50=200 and the total number of questions would be 50+40+50+50=190. The total time allotted for this exam is 35+35+45+45=160 Minutes.
Sr.NO objective test name Qns Maximum MarksSeparately timed
1 General/financial awareness  50 5035 Min.
2General English 40 4035 Min.
3 Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 50 6045 Min.
4 Quantitative aptitude 50 5045 Min.

Total 190 200160 Min.

Negative marking concept would be applicable to this section as well. Check complete IBPS  Clerk syllabus Topics here.

IBPS Clerk Preliminary Preparation Tips

How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Pre The most important thing to remember is that the score of clerk prelims will not be added to the overall marks which would be considered for final selection. This means there is no need to be the topper or score maximum marks in clerk prelims. Clearing the prelims is enough.

The Candidate Should focus on the following three factors 

1. Time management - It is concerned with how do you attempt the question paper to ensure you do not miss any questions. How to divide the time between sections and in what order questions should be attempted How much time should each question on an average be given Check Complete Guide to Time Management IBPS Clerk Exam here.

2. Speed - You required to increase speed to attempt questions faster, quick calculations, and reading speed Check this complete guide on How to Increase Calculation Speed for IBPS Exam.

3. Accuracy - It is marking sure that you minimize the number of wrong answer and negative marking so that marks per question gets maximized which leads to an increase in accuracy.

4. Check this Complete Step by Step Guide for IBPS Clerk Prelims Preparation Plan 2019.

IBPS Clerk Mains Preparation Tips 

How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Mains In order to get shortlisted for the main exam, the candidates has to attain a sufficiently high overall score. In addition to the overall score you must clear the sectional cut-off for all the sections.

A. During this time, the candidates should go through notes once and revise all that has already been prepared. Attempt at least 100 questions (per section) from the syllabus that have been studied until now. Out of these, 30 questions should be from the strongest areas, 35 from the weak areas and 35 from the weakest areas. 

B. Accuracy is one of the important aspects which should be considered while attempting the exam. So make sure to skip the questions about which there is no surety of answer so that the negative marking cannot reduce the accuracy level. Guesswork would not work. 

C. The most important thing is to recognize the strongest areas. A candidate would be able to archive the level of accuracy, marks and less time consumption would be there. The candidate should consider the weight of the topics and prepare accordingly as more weight topics with stronger ibps clerk preparation strategy would fetch more marks.

Important Links:

D. Time management is the most important tip for ibps clerk exam. Candidate must consider the limit and should set the question attempting speed in such a way that all the questions should be visited at least once. The candidates should also go for a mock test which would help them to understand the level where they stand. 

The candidates should reach the exam center in time along with al the necessary things so as to avoid any inconvenience during the examination.

How to Prepare General English for IBPS Clerk Exam

IBPS Clerk English Preparation:- Check for the Grammar Grammar is the backbone of the English language. Candidates must have a firm hold on grammar. The grammar section would comprise of questions active/passive voice, direct and indirect speeches, use  of verbs and other questions pertaining to basic grammar. check how to Improve English Grammar for IBPS Exam.
Vocabulary Preparation :- English vocabulary for IBPS Exam includes various topics questions you should start using words to make your vocabulary perfect. For this section, you must have some reading habits like English newspapers, magazines, books,etc. it will also increase your overall general knowledge about the world.
Use other sources also like watch English channels, news, movies, etc. listen carefully and also practice with lots of questions related to vocabulary section that proper use of words to enhance your knowledge for this section.
Spelling mistakes and sentences formation :- These are close to each other because A sentence is incomplete without proper spelling. Spelling mistakes turn your mean of the phrase. check How to prepare English - Spelling mistakes and Sentence formation You should have practice before for definitive test.

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Clerk Exam

IBPS Clerk Reasoning Preparation - The candidates need to pay special attention and focus more on analytical reasoning than logical reasoning. Shortcuts would not help in this section. Candidates should practice hard and it should be on daily basis.
The topics covered in this section are the number series question, coding, and decoding, statement and argument, alphabet test, input and output, number ranking, comprehension reasoning, problem-solving ect. 

The reasoning section is the section which could be proved as a game changer section for the candidate.
The need to formulate a proper strategy is must to score well in the exam. The first thing is to understand the concept, which would help the candidate to attempt the question. It is an Important section for preparation of ibps clerk exam.

How to Prepare General / Financial Awareness for IBPS Clerk Exam 

IBPS Clerk General knowledge Preparation - general awareness is the most scoring section and it consumes less time. There is no requirement for any problem solving skills. It only deals with current affairs. The candidate should pay more attention to the current affairs, daily news and must make  a note of the events check How to Prepare current affairs  for ibps.
It is one of the most valuable points in bank clerk preparation tips that you should have an idea what the happenings in India. The important IBPS GK topics covered under this section is current affairs of last 6 months, marking, awards and honors sports, finance, agriculture, history of banking, RBI functions, banking terms, Indian economy questions. 
General awareness could only be improved by reading newspapers and other beneficial stuff such as corporate magazines. Check IBPS Bank General Financial Awareness Preparation tips You can surf the internet for the information about the current affairs and also there is a need to collect the information about the banking and financial sector as well because this section just deals with the questions that come directly from current affairs.

How To Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS Clerks Exam
IBPS Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Preparation - This one of the toughest section to crack. There is no scope for guessing in this section. This section is designed to test the vulnerability of the candidates by presenting a situation in the form of questions. It checks the mathematics ability of the candidates.

The candidates must focus on the theoretical part and should learn the shortcut techniques for cracking this section. Candidates should divide all Questions in Quant section. Candidates Easy and Scoring Questions and Time-consuming questions.

The IBPS Quantitative Aptitude topics covered under this section are data interpretation, number system, ratio, proportion, percentage, averages, simplification, quadratic equations and much more. The candidate should practice the questions regularly. 

How to Prepare Computer for IBPS Clerk Exam 
In order to excel in computer knowledge test, focus on history and general questions on computer with the basics of hardware and software with input-output devices. Basic knowledge concepts such as MS office suite and computer memory has to be prepared as the questions from these topics are also expected to come. 
learn some keyboard shortcuts also which would help to crack some questions in computer test. The topics covered under this section are Basics of the computer, input and output device, shortcuts, MS Excel, MS power point, Computer shortcuts, networks basics, basic internet knowledge and protocols, generation of computer etc.

Common Tips to Crack IBPS Clerk Exam 
1. Proper planning is required in order to clear the examination. Candidate must make a plan to give time to each and every topic. Update on various things that happen around you.

2. There are cutoffs which are sectional as well as overall so there are no chances to leave any topic.
3. Proper time management and giving proper time to all the activities would generate maximum output results. Proper timetable needs to be set. Time once lost would never come back. Regularity is based on time principle only. Regularity means to be regular and manage the time injudicious and efficient manner.
4. The candidates need to study regularly as the regular study will help them to remember the topics they have covered each day and then only the best performance output could be achieved. It will allow them to cover each and every topic before time left would be utilized for mock tests and other small things to be covered. 

5. Practice the calculations with accuracy and speed in order to score the maximum marks. Practice more and more mock test paper in order to understand the pattern and details of the exam and sharpen the knowledge.

6. Make a habit of revision after every day's study.

7. Take a balanced diet and proper sleep to keep the body fit and activate as Sound mind resides in a sound body The body should be mentally and physically fit in order to learn more. 

8. IBPS Coaching Classes.
Hope this Complete guide on how to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam helps you a lot. Share with your friends who prepare ibps clerk 2019. 

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