SBI SO Preparation 2019 Tips and Tricks / The best way to prepare for SBI Specialist Officer and get Total Exam pattern Here in 4 weeks score well

How To prepare for SBI So 2019 Tips to Crack Specialist officer Pre Exam / get Detailed Exam pattern here. 

SBI SO Preparation Tips 2019 

SBI SO examination is no child's play. You need to be serious and diligent enough to crack this examination. SBI SO exam is one such competitive examination. SBI SO exam is one such competitive examination that sees a large number of applications from all over. And why not it is the largest public banking sector after all. working as an SBI Specialist Officer is every common man's dream. To turn this dream into a reality you need to prepare well for the upcoming SBI SO exam. Stay updated with the current SBI SO syllabus and ways to prepare for the exam and you have already reached half your goal. Read on ta get best SBI Specialist Officer Preparation tips. 

SBI SO Preparation Tips 2019 

Mode of exam
Number of papers
Question paper type
Multiple Choice questions (MCQs)
Medium of exam
English and Hindi
Number of questions
Depends on the post you apply for
Number of stages
Two (Written test and Interview)

How to Crack SBI SO 2019 

To prepare for any competitive examination you need to first know its exam pattern or the number of sections in the paper. SBI SO paper I have three sections and paper II, on the Other hand, is based on the course you opt for. SBI SO exam pattern varies from courses to courses. Once you are well aware of the paper pattern you can easily find the best SBI SO preparation strategy to crack the exam. SBI SO exam comprises of the following sections.

Professional knowledge 
Quantitative Aptitude 
Reasoning Ability 
English Language 

SBI SO Preparation Strategy for English Language 

English Language os one section where you can score pretty well with just a bit of hard work. You need to have a serious approach to the grammar and vocabularies and you are set to go. Do not take this section for granted as this section can help you obtain good marks in your overall paper. Follow the below mentioned SBI SO preparation plan to start off your study. 

1. Watch english movies and series to empower your english writing and listening skills. 

2. While coming across new words or vocabs, note them down to use it in your future writing.

3. Try maintaining your own write-ups. Writing regularly helps in better sentence formation. 

4. Develop a habit of reading books or newspaper.

5. Solve the exercises given at the end of chapters to know the topic thoroughly.

6. Communication in english to have a strong command over the language.

7. Practice writing essays and letters to enhance your word forming power. 

SBI SO Preparation Strategy for Reasoning Ability 

Reasoning ability section of SBI SO is one tough nu to crack. You really need to have a strong and formulated study plan to get through this section. Reasoning ability section demands you to have a good understanding and an ability to reason things. while we didn't mean to scare off, but scaring for better results always pays off well. You can refer to the SBI SO preparation plan below to mold your SBI SO Preparation. 

Take mock tests as often as possible.

Keep practicing regularly to get a better hang of the topics.

Never learn any sum. You will end up creating blunders if you forgot even a single step. 

Note down the points or steps of the sums as you move ahead. This helps in better memorization. 

Make notes always assist you in last minute revision.

Always complete the tough topics first and keep the easier ones for later.

The first rule to start preparing for this section is to segregate the important chapters. 

SBI SO Preparation Strategy for Quantitative Aptitude 

if prepared well, Quantitative aptitude can get you good scores. All you need is to have your basics in mathematics strong. Have a fair knowledge of academic mathematics and you can get through this section with a bit of more practice. Do not feel stuck as we get you the general SBI SO preparation tips to help you out of this dilemma. 

1. solve one chapter at a time. Do not mix up several topics at once. 

2. While solving, first go through the solved examples. This will clear your concept.

3. Write down all the steps in one place so that it is easily accessible at the last moment.

4. Practice regularly.

5. Do not mug up formulas or steps.

6. Take mock tests often.

7. Practice previous year papers as much as you can.

8. Stick the notes consisting of formulas at a place where you can look at it regularly. This will aid you in grasping the formulas well. 

SBI SO Preparation Strategy for Professional knowledge 

The professional knowledge section differs for different courses. This section includes paper for various IT and Finance programmes such as-data Communication and Networking, Software Engineering, Low, Object-oriented programming, data Structure, Statistic, Operating System, Database Management System, Compiler Design, Chartered Accounting ect. The SBI SO Preparation plan for professional knowledge differs for various courses. You can look below for general tips and tricks. 

Divide your study timing according to different topics.

Take proper rest.

Take mock tests.

Practice previous year papers.

Clear your concepts before starting off with any topic.

Never go for rote learning.

Do not go overboard.

Make a study time table.

Revise often.

Develop a habit of preparing notes.

SBI So Preparation tips will surely help you reach your desired target. Prepare a proper blueprint of your study plan and you won't have to look further. While preparing never feel you are done with your SBi SO Preparation. here, more is always less. Firstly, prepare yourself before studying for the exam. if your mind is well trained, half of your work is done. Do not ignore practicing papers and taking mock tests as you move ahead with your SBI SO Preparation. Owing to the similarity in sections to that of banking exams, you can take free online bank mock test.  

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