SBI SO Syllabus 2019 check detailed SBI Specialist officers Exam pattern and Important Topics| Download SBI SO Syllabus 2019 PDF Here

SBI Specialist Officer Syllabus 2019 PDF and Patter | SBI SO Syllabus 2019 - Download Detailed syllabus In PDF  

Here detailed SBI SO Syllabus is prescribed here for the candidates verification. The selection process mainly consists of interview and the candidates should have technical knowledge with the required experience from the Bank The main topics are provided below.

know all about SBI SO Syllabus here Grasp new updates of SBI SO Syllabus SBI SO Syllabus is important for interview preparation. Here subject wise as well as Topic wise SBI SO syllabus is provided in this article.

SBI SO Syllabus 

Here details SBI SO Syllabus is prescribed here for the candidates verification. The selection process mainly consists of interview and the candidates should have technical knowledge with the required experience from the Bank The main topics are provided below.

SBI SO Syllabus 2019: The State bank of India conducts the SBI SO examination to select the Specialist Officers for the posts Engineers, Architects, Assistant managers managers, Officers, Analysts, Test lead and several other posts. Due to multiple posts offering, the exam has a huge syllabus varying from posts to posts. You need to have a strong hold on the SBI SO Syllabus to obtain the desired score. we bring you detailed SBI SO Syllabus to help you in your endeavor.

SBI  SO Syllabus 2019 Highlights 

Mode of exam
Number of papers
Question paper type
multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Medium of exam
English and Hindi
Number of Questions
Depends on the post you apply for
Posts Offered
Engineers, Architects,designers,Assistant,Managers,Officers,administrators,Developers,Tester,Manager,Analysts,Test lead,innovation specialist,and various other posts (regular/contractual basis)

SBI SO Syllabus 2019 for Reasoning Ability

SBI SO Syllabus for Reasoning Ability is quite vast and complex. You need to pay diligent attention to your preparation in order to score well in this section. Once you are familiar with the Reasoning Ability SBI SO syllabus you will not feel much of the stress. Refer to the below-mentioned SBI SO Syllabus for Reasoning Ability to get the best out of your preparation. 

odd one out
Blood relations
Assertion and Reason
Statement and course of actions 
Analytical reasoning 
Clocks and Calendars 
Analytical reasoning 
Alphanumeric sequence puzzle 
Arithmetical reasoning 
Clocks and Calendars 
Data sufficiency 
Deriving conclusions from passages 
Direction and Distance Sense Test 
Inserting the missing character 
Time sequence test 
Cause and effect 
Input and output arrangement 
Seating arrangement 
Coded Inequalities 
Logical sequence f words 
Decision making 
Statement - Conclusions 
Logical venn diagrams 
Theme detection 
Alphabet numbers 
Series test 
Coding and Decoding 
Statement and Assumptions 
Passage and Conclusion Test 
Non-verbal reasoning (Sense test, Analogy, odd figures)

SBI SO Syllabus 2019 for English Language 

English language section has a scoring natureYou can easily score good marks with a bit of extra effort on certain topics. English Language is all about practicing and reading. Follow the topics below to score decent marks in this section.

Identification of errors 
Theme Detection 
Cloze test 
Para jumbles 
Para substitute 
 Choosing the appropriate word 
Spelling check 
Idioms and Phrases 
Completion of sentence 
Correction of sentence 
Idioms and Phrases 
Rearrangement sentence 
Subject - verb agreement 
Theme detection 
Unseen passage 
Word formation 
Fill In the blanks 

SBI SO Syllabus 2019 | Professional Knowledge 

The professional knowledge section Includes various sections depending on the posts you opt for Through Professional knowledge you can opt for courses like Object oriented programming, Data Structure, Computer Design, Chartered Accounting, Law, Statistic, Software Engineering, Operating System, Data Communication and Networking, Database Management System and others. 

Common for all IT Posts 

Integrated circuits 
Database management system 
Data structure 
Data communication and Net working 
Computer organization and microprocessor
Programming language C, C++, and OOPS 
Compiler design 
Cyber security and Threats 
Operating system and amp, system programming 
software engineering 
Digital electronics 
Mobile technologies 

Common for all Finance Posts 

Management accounting concepts 
Direct and Indirect taxes 
Cost accounting 
Accounting standards 
Basic accounting concepts and principles 
Auditing standards 

SBI SO Syllabus 2019 for Quantitative Aptitude 

Quantitative Aptitude section tests your aptitude. This section needs a hard-core preparation to obtain good marks. with good practice and revision ability, you can easily make through this section. You can look at the topics below to get a vivid idea on the topics coming for the examination.

Line graphs 
Compound Interest 
Boats & Streams 
Time, speed & Distance 
Profit and Loss 
Permutation and Combination 
Problems on ages 
Data Interpretation and Sufficiency (Pie chart, Bar graphs, Mixed graphs Data table, Case study etc)
Problems on train 
Time and work 
volume & surface 
number system 
Unitary method 
Problem based on numbers 
Ratio and Proportion 
Simple Interest 

SBI SO Syllabus for Law Officer 

Banking regulated laws 
Banking security laws 
Negotiable instruments 
Ethics and corporate governance in banking 
Financial analysis 
Banking operational laws 
Banker-customer relations 
Electronic banking 
loans and advances 
Compliance and legal aspects 
security types and Regulatory frameworks 

SBI SO Syllabus for Statistician 

Basic statistical methods and Inference 
Uni-variate data
Bi-variate data
Time series 
Sampling concepts 
Sampling distribution 
Estimations theory 
Simple regression 
Multiple regression 
Variance analysis
Financial market 
Foreign exchange 
Forecasting portfolio 

SBI SO IT Officer Syllabus 

➪. Computer networks 
➪. Basic programming languages (C, C++, Java)
➪. Data base management systems (DBMS)
➪. Basic concepts of software and hardware 
➪. Data structures 
➪. Computer organization 
➪. Computer networks 
➪. Network programming 
➪. Algorithms 
➪. Digital electronics 
➪. Web technologies 
➪. Information systems 
➪. Software engineering 

SBI SO Syllabus for Data Communication and Networking 

➪. Data communication 
➪. Types of connections 
➪. Types of networks 
➪. Transmission media 
➪. Network devices 
➪. Network models 
➪. Data link layer 
➪. Network layer 
➪. Transmission control protocol 
➪. Network security 

SBI SO Syllabus for Operating System 

Introduction to system 
Distributed operating system 
Security & threats protection 

SBI SO Syllabus for Software Engineering 

Software design 
User interface design 
Software analysis and testing 
Test oracles 
Black-box testing 
➪ Trace ability
Testing levels 
Test criteria 
Architectural design 
Requirement elicitation 

SBI SO Syllabus for Computer Design 

Input buffering 
Recognition of tokens 
LR parsers
L-attributed definitions 
Symbol tables
Error recovery 
Parsing programs 
Parsing control statements 
Run-time administration 

SBI SO Syllabus for Data Structure 

Array definition 
Circular queues 
Priority queues 
Binary trees 
Complete binary trees 
Extended binary trees 
Internal and External sorting 
Insertion sort 
Bubble sort 
Sequential representations of graphs 

SBI SO Syllabus for Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) 

1. Features, advantages, and applications of OOPS 
2. General concept of OOPS- Classes, Data abstraction, Object, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Dynamic binding 
3. Aggregation and Association, Generalization, Multiple inheritance 

SBI SO Syllabus for Computer Organization and Microprocessor 

 1. Computer Configuration 

 2. Memory architecture 

 3. Machine instructions 

 4. Basic computer operation

 5. Micro computers 

 6. Computer language 

 7. Stack pointer 

 8. Program counter 

 9. OP code format 

10. DMA 

SBI SO Syllabus 2019 | Exam Pattern 

In order to start off with your SBI SO preparation, apart from the SBI SO Syllabus you also need to know the SBI SO Exam pattern 2019 as well. The exam pattern for various IT and Finance posts differs. knowing the exam pattern will help you in drafting the amount of time you need to spend on a particular section while preparing. Staying updated on the exam pattern also helps you know the marking scheme of each section. paper | comprises - English Language, Reasoning Ability, and Quantitative Aptitude whereas  Paper II includes Professional Knowledge section that differs depending on the course you opt for. 

SBI SO Syllabus is quite vast and in detail. Structurize a proper study-plan prior to starting off with the preparation. Allot separate time for each subject and topics. this will assist you in getting a vivid knowledge of every topic. Also, practice previous year papers and take mock tests to get your preparation done right.

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